jar magic

I have been stuffing jars with silk thread and tissue silk in the Stuff Steep and Store method albeit with less store than some. I leave them on the balcony rail in the sun where they get visited by one of our cats.

on guard ….. keeping watch over my jars of goodness #solardye #silk #naturaldye

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This afternoon seemed like the right time to open two jars, one was Coreopsis flower with copper pictured third from the left {above}  and the other Montbretia flowers second from the left which are a weed here. Pictured on my new apron that has been made from an opshop (suspect) silk nightshirt, it has two pockets one especially for my trusty secateurs.

joys of purple carrot

While the weather is hot I find it arduous to boil up a big pot. Simplifying things down to jar size has been fun. Purple carrot has become a bit of a star along with Coriopsis flowers.

I have been using up small scraps of material and embroidery thread which is silk and is available on my Etsy Store.

The next few photos show the colour shift and oxidation of the purple carrot from wet to dry then after washing.


two more jars filled with goodness #stuffsteepstore #naturaldye #silk #thread #wool

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This is wet and just out of the jar pre boiled and sat outside for not quite a month. I have put one in storage and do plan to leave it for a whole year, silk boxer shorts with eucalyptus and flowers from my Christmas bouquet.

Now to my surprise this is the colour shift a couple of hours latter…..

Then I washed and pressed the pieces cotton, silk velvet, wool jersey that had previously  been bundle dyed and thread silk and wool.

washed, dried and pressed #purplecarrot #naturaldye #silk #wool #cotton #etsy

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warm wishes for 2016

as a good bye to 2015 here are some of my endeavours over the past year…

On it's way to #solace at the observatory in south australia #indiaflint #prayerflag #wintersolace

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see i am still dyeing

More lovely colour #naturaldye #garden #

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and sewing

playing with hexagons

found some new endeavours

so happy new year

Yumminess made with love #handmade #loveyourthread #naturaldye

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Good wishes to you all for a creative 2016..


in my garden

This morning the air is fresh and the sun is shining a wander with my cup of tea beckoned, we have a multitude of flowers in bloom at present.

In the Eucalypts we have a male koala in one tree and a mother and baby in another sadly the phone camera is not up to the challenge of distance. I shall take the real camera out later and see if I can capture these wonderful creatures.

sunday stroll

I am making a concerted effort to up my exercise regime, so a walk in the bush is always good. We live in the hills so there is always down hill then back up the other side. Having shed some extra middle age kilos over the last year, with some simple dietary changes that are a bit “Paleo” ( though I am not completely grain free ) so now it’s time to work on my cardio. I have come across a book written by Dr Cris Beer “Healthy Habits 52 ways to better health” that is a week by week plan to better all round health mental and physical. A walk in the bush always gives me a chance of collecting some interesting windfall, thus a bouquet of eucalyptus is a bonus for my effort.


apparently it’s five years with wordpress

I needed to refresh my name as I have come out of my “wendi of the treasure” shell, it has been five years today with wordpress and this is the day I sat down to make changes to my site … how fortuitous !

My artistic / textile journey still unfolds ………. but life balance seems harder and harder to achieve. I will endeavour to keep up with this blog as I do know how important it is as a sharing format.


playing with hexies


a week of rest and play

We have rented a house for a week away by the sea….. with two new books in hand and a box of goodies to play with, no dye pot on this trip.


this is the view out the window and the migrating whales give us a show every day…..

the boys have flown, we’ve walked, snorkelled and combed the shore for treasure.