My lifes journey into art textiles is one of self discovery without “formal” training.

I work intuitively with nature and cloth letting the story evolve

into wearable art and mixed media collage.

I pay homage to  my mentors and teachers

India Flint

Elizabeth Bunsen

Cas Holmes 

Dorothy Caldwell

Jude Hill


We live close to Binna Burra National Park and not too far from the coast (Gold Coast) at a little place called Beechmont. Peter discovered this place back in the 80’s when he use to hang glide here ( now he and Jasper both paraglide the local ridges ). With the opportunity to move to this area, Jasper was just a babe in arms and I knew this was for me. Open spaces, clean air, chooks and a vege patch.  I have a great passion for textiles, food gardens/ cooking and community. 






17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Wendi~
    Just bookmarked your page to follow (via Etsy), am fiber artist learning of ecodye -am enamoured of the lovely cloth you produce! We have no eucalyps in northern Illinois (USA), sadly. Your work inspires me greatly, thank you~.

  2. You are very talented! And your garden looks like paradise. You have done an amazing job with all your plants. I’m enjoying your blog a lot. Glad I found you. :D

  3. Hi Wendi
    Received your beautiful blouse in the mail my partner Max was suitably impressed with your amazing artistry, fits perfectly, I just love it and thank you also for the wonderful washing instructions.

  4. I love your work! I wish I’d known about you when I was on holiday on the Gold Coast earlier this year. I’m up on the Sunshine Coast hinterland myself! Your natural dyes have caught my eye and I’ll be reading up on your posts after I’ve left this comment. Lovely to find your blog.

  5. Hi Wendi

    Great to meet you on Sunday at Darlington markets. Just love your work and am looking forward to hearing from you when you have finished the ‘stole’ .

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