a wow leaf

I have discovered this tree at my kids school ( very embarrassing to them )  I have been trying to identify it …. it is an ironbark with petiolate leaf attachment and the leaf is lanceolate in shape. I have not spotted any buds or seed pods so that does make it a little harder. The leaf seems to have a dark spot or speckle to it ( which shows up in the print). The colour is divine almost blood red on some wool and lovely on silk too. Any Ideas my friends … not even sure it is endemic to our region, south east queensland.



4 thoughts on “a wow leaf

  1. Wendi … my local ironbark (NW brissie) is E crebra …. it has very small buds and leaves give colour , usually more brownish, not what i would call a red. Ah … the excitement of leaf exploration…. Lili

  2. The flowers and seed pods will be up high .The speckle in leaf is insect damage as they lay eggs and eat into the leaf .This damage is great as it allows the colour to come out easier as the outer leaf layer is broken ive selected leaves like this for over 30 for printing on my drum skins..https://www.facebook.com/PeteDrumsAndMore petedrumsandmore.weebly.com/ Some of my prints can be seen on my sites as ive printed on 20-30,000 drums skins and cloths in 30 years .
    It was still exciting for me to share your excitement of discovery .
    All gum leaves will print but time of year and rainfall all have an effect on how well they release colour .
    I beleive trees from wetter climates release colour easier .

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