great results but no name

I unwrapped a couple of the test samples that I had in the pot yesterday, I was not only testing leaves but fabric too. A silk wool blend, an unknown from an op shop, some new silk and wool blanket. I will let the photos show you the results. My only statement is that my Eucalyptus Cinerea is stunning at the moment we have not had much rain and am wondering if that makes the difference. We have two names so far Euc Crenulata or Euc Pulverulenta, thanks to those who commented are we any closer…. does it matter ?


8 thoughts on “great results but no name

  1. What fabulous results! I have used E Crenulata and it was fabulous and does have that notched edge. These leaves look softer and wider than the ones I had, but that doesn’t mean much. What a variable lot eucalypts are. I love counting to see how many buds there are. 6, 6, 9, 11 all on one twig :) I think it’s common to find better colours in dry periods. I guess the concentration of dyestuff is greater even though not visible to my eyes…

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