help to identify this eucalyptus

Can any one help me here… this is from a coppiced tree in the neigbourhood my guess is that these are the juvenile leaf shape and run up the branch slightly opposing unlike euc cinerea and cordata.

I have just bundled them in a few different materials so the out come is yet to be seen.


13 thoughts on “help to identify this eucalyptus

  1. This is one thing I never consider, living in the city. The trees here are from all over.

    I pulled out Stan Kelly, and he says: E Crenulata is from marshy land in Victoria and prefers cold, wet sites (I found it in a town which is much colder and wetter than Adelaide). The notched leaf margins are a distinguishing feature. Bark is rough, thin, grey or grey-brown according to Holliday and Watton.

    E Pulverulenta is from central and southern tablelands NSW, and widely cultivated in California for the flower trade. It has a smooth, reddish truck when the bark sheds (in small flakes).

    Maybe the bark is something that will let you set them apart? My vote is with E Crenulata… because of the leaves and the dye outcome. But I haven’t tried Pulerulenta (knowingly, at any rate!)

    • Thank you for sharing your knowledge in this matter … the tree has been cut down the leaves i am using are regrowth … but i am thinking E Crenulata too. From memory the mature tree had different shaped mature leaves does this fit with Crenulata or have i just thrown in another variable ??
      Jean Carman had not dyed the E Pulverulenta so I have not been able to cross reference from her priceless book

  2. Wendi

    If I ever win a lottery you will be first on my list to seek out as an instructor. I’ll be on the first plane from Canada. Your work is so beautiful and uplifting.


  3. G’DAY Wendi Your eucalyptus may be Eucalyptus pulverulenta. Google it to check. Thank you for all your lovely emails Adi Dunlop

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