bundle in a jar

I follow India Flints Facebook page and she now has a new book out stuff, steep and store, I don’t have the book yet…. but have had a sneak preview here
I have also been following Elizabeth Bunsen and have decided to do her workshop in Newcastle in April


12 thoughts on “bundle in a jar

  1. Very pretty jars of goodies!
    Shall leave you with a wee teaser tho … India’s steep, stuff + store book has some information on offer that is *missing* from your process and may contribute to a hugely different outcome. How was that for tossing a carrot ;>]] All silliness aside, can highly recommend it!

  2. I’ve done this type of dyeing on my deck in the summer (winter doesn’t work as the snow is up to my waist at the moment, LOL!). Works great. One pitfall last year was when my sons knocked over the jar with a football, it broke open and the smell of marigold that had been cooking for weeks and weeks emerged. It was horrible and took a week to disappear and that was after scrubbing the deck with baking soda.

    I always try to start a few jars if I know we will be away for a while. It helps with the temptation.

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