after the storm..

This little guy a Tawney Frogmouth was on the ground after a storm went through, to small to look after itself. Jasper put him in a box and I took him to the local vet before the next storm came . We hope that he can be released back into our neighborhood. We got about 20mm of rain and thankfully no damaging winds unlike some other parts of the world….. stay safe :)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




4 thoughts on “after the storm..

  1. He/she is so beautiful. Hope it’s ok. I know we have a pair down here. I sometimes hear their grackling noise they make when bothered by other birds during the day. But for the life of me I can never spot them. They are so well disguised. We had a pair in Brissie we called Fred & Ethel. No babies that I saw however. Lucky you to have them around. As I get older I am finding I love the antics of birds more and more. He reckons I’m getting ‘eccentric’.

  2. I love these darling creatures! I am glad you were there to figure out how to help. Their nests are so sparse when I have found them nesting I have gone back over and over to wonder at how those babies ever stay in a nest that might be just a few twigs over a fork in a branch!

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