silk squares

The pot had 2 hours on the stove and at the last minute I put in a couple of slices of purple carrot from the crisper (not my garden) but well past it’s use by date and put a couple of stands of lichen from a brew that is looking very Purple ! The baking paper did not stop the seeping as I thought it would …  I am very happy with the results….. I may have to make some bigger ones and start a quilt! The Euc Perriniana must need more time and may be better on wool as it did not really show out .






6 thoughts on “silk squares

  1. HA! I just commented on my blog this morning that I thought that an explosion of purple-carrot-dyeing would soon hit the internet … and yours is the first one I’ve seen ~ I love all this inspiration spreading ’round the interpixies!

    Such lovely results, Wendi.

  2. They are beautiful Wendi!
    A quilt would be a wonderful thing to make!!
    I put aluminum foil between my layers when making eco prints on card stock…. it doesn’t always stop the bleeding through either.

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