pickings from my Eucalypt’s

I wonder around to pick some extras as I have to get some leggings dyed before next weekend…. it astounds me how well some of the Eucs are doing !

I have a two day gig at Beechmont’s ” Artists Gallery ” happening at our old hall at Beechmont next weekend 5th and 6th from 9am .

If I get enough interest I could be co-erst  into running a workshop …….  I need minimum of 5 people maximum of 8 people  @ $80.00 per person this includes a scarf to bundle !

Just leave me a comment if you are interested.







7 thoughts on “pickings from my Eucalypt’s

  1. What a great bundle! Some of my tiny new-planted eucs have just started to come on as the weather has warmed a bit!

    I’d like to nominate you for the WordPress Family Blog Award… I love reading your blog and seeing your eco-printing and making unfold. Wishing you every success with your workshop :-)

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