time to test those leaves

I am always full of good intentions ….. and get all my leaves together and then realize that I am not sure which is what variety, some are easy to identify due to shape but on the whole they all look the same !! So today I am testing Euc Melanophloia silver leaf ironbark some from Boonah and some from the local botanic garden (that is one I can identify) the rest are all mixed up. This is because I like to soak the leaves in water and vinegar and then use this water in the cooking pot. In the mix will be Euc Microcorys tallowwood,  Euc Planchoniana planchon’s stringybark, Euc tereticornis forest red gum, Euc Grandis flooded gum, and couple of unknowns in the mix too. I am dying 3 scarves two are merino/lycra mix,  one milky merino and a “pashmina”of dubious quality and origin…. I also have 3 small samples bundled inside a larger bundle (silk lurex, wool lycra, silk lycra )  My saving grace …. I took loads of photos before I rolled these bundles so that may help me with my identification :)





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