girls day out

Ula and I had a little drive out to Boonah (west of here) today it is the end of Eat Local Week in the Scenic Rim, a new friend from my workshop at Open Studios was going to be at this little market at the Organic Shed. Ula got to needle felt and I had a go at spinning alpaca fleece, fun.. but I don’t think I will take it up. On our journey out I spotted an unusual gum and was able to have it identified….. Eucalyptus Melanophloia  “silver leaf iron bark “I will bundle it this week to see what it does Jean Carman’s book suggest yellow/ light green.


One thought on “girls day out

  1. I have got very little colour from E Melanophloia in a dyebath (when I was a beginner I couldn’t tell ironbark from stringybark and thus confused it with E Cinerea)! I’ll be interested to see what yoyu get in a bundle. Your day sounds wonderful.

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