the linen dress

I got a chance to bundle the linen dress yesterday, boiled it up for 3 hours or so and the scent when un bundling it this morning was magic…. I used a mix of leaves,  some from iron water and some in vinegar and water, this softens some of the dryer leaves and makes it easier to roll too. This one is just for me….. another op shop gem and thanks to India Flint for Second Skin a great read….  Locals you will be able to see me wearing said dress at Arts in the Olives on Mothers Day pre


4 thoughts on “the linen dress

  1. ITS GOOOORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love the fine, dark lines through it. Clever, clever girl. Will be inspecting it closer at Arts In The Olives. See you there Wen. I am doing a Lorraine Brown Bookbinding workshop in the morn, pretty excited.

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