more cotton and linen

My gig at Arts in the Olives is just a week away ….. and just to stretch myself I decided too try the soy ( water and soya beans ) dip for the cotton and linen from Local and Bespoke, I have tried the egg dip but found the egg smell a little over powering. So a couple of cotton and linen numbers all from op shops got their treatment over a couple of days. I have dyed 3 of them and am happy with the results. The leaves have been soaking in rust water which has given off a lovely purple / mauve hue. I have a linen dress that I will dye for me to wear on the day I ran some darts in the back, cut out the lining and put a little silk hand stitching round the neck line. I hope to dye it this weekend as with a hundred other jobs that need doing……..



5 thoughts on “more cotton and linen

  1. I love your work and your blog! I am very enthusiastic about the environment and exploring natural ways to dye and print. Being a 2nd year fashion student, I would honestly LOVE if you could email me some advice about starting to explore this area? or even some simple methods? If would be MUCH appreciated.
    Many Thanks
    Emily Carter

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