A little bit of stitching

My bundle of extra goodies came with some lovely threads so out came a piece of wool blanket that I had dyed months ago, it had not inspired me but the magic thread brings it lo life. These pieces that I am finishing and embarking on over the next coming weeks are destine for my first Market of the year at Arts in the Olives in May.

I have hand stitched the hem (yes I know I have just bought a sewing machine but I love the look of hand stitching) of another Gilet that is a crinkle silk, am unsure as to its ability to print in a bundle so I will use some lichen dye and forgo the leaf prints.


Yummy Threads

yummy threads

A stitch in time

a stitch in time

lost in the leaf

lost in the leaf

great color

great color

bit of silk string making

bit of silk string making

Just another distraction thanks to India Flint,they make great book marks

hand stitched crinkle silk

hand stitched crinkle silk


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