New to me Sewing Machine

Well time had come the old girl gave up a Janome combi circa 1985….it was a gem, combi meaning it was on a turn table one side sewing machine the other side a two thread over locker, but alas she is not worth repairing. Being a Janome girl I found that I could not stray from the brand. I looked at a 2013 model and could not justify the price, so I did the E-Bay thing and got very frustrated, Gum Tree an on online classified site worked a treat at least you have a $ figure to work with. I found a machine that fitted the bill and was close enough to home, a lovely lady relocating back to Canada so not only did I leave with a machine but also 4 boxes of bits and pieces!! thread, bobbins, buttons, bias binding etc…. the only draw back is that I did not get a manual for the machine.





3 thoughts on “New to me Sewing Machine

  1. Congratulations! You might find the manual online or you may be able to buy it from Janome, who are online. I managed to get one for my grandma’s overlocker… which has over 30 threading steps (which is to say, if I couldn’t find a manual I wasn’t going to have a functioning overlocker)! Happy sewing.

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