More trees….. Bigger this time

I have struggled to harvest any leaves from the trees I purchased some time ago.. One died (cordata) …. one eaten( Tasmanian Blue Gum ) by my friend the koala ! the cinera has struggled and the Nicholi has also been munched. My trip to Bunnings in search for some nice flowering perennials…. resulted in a Cinerea and a Citradora ( am unsure of the resulting colour )


Stop press the Citradora results are in…. limey yellow but all 3 bundles resulted in a lot of yellow I used wood ash in the water ???


6 thoughts on “More trees….. Bigger this time

  1. Your prints are so nice and crisp. And about trees, I have tried cinerea in Far North Queensland and they died, but it was my own mistake by leaving them in the sun too long in a pot. I have to check bunnings, as I haven’t found any cinerea locally. I only know of a place where to order online but need to buy 4 trees. I think with the right care, it will be possible. And if you have any other addresses for cinerea, I would be happy to know.

  2. What lovely resutls! I have had trouble growing cordata and nicholii as well. My orbifolia seems to have died recently when we were away for the weekend after getting to about 50 cm. Summer has been brutal. Some have the capacity to resprout…but my experience suggests that Euclaypts aren’t cut out to be pot plants! Your experience akes me want to try again with E Cordata anyway :-)

    • Thanks, We are in a different boat ( almost literally ) Wet Feet…. I am a bad Pot Plant tenderer all mine go in the ground well that’s the plan !!(that was my Cordata’s demise) Yes I need to hunt down another and put a barrier around the rest to keep the wild life off :)

  3. I rather like the limey-yellow…..
    The bottom right scarf is wonderful! So many different colors and leaf shapes.
    I brought two of my eucs inside for the winter….. they aren’t too happy about it. But I think that they would’ve been even more unhappy if I had left them outside over the winter. My cinera I did leave outside (it’s the only one planted in the ground instead of a pot)…. and I’ve had to cover it with old wool blankets several times this winter (we’ve had below normal freezes), luckily it’s still small.
    I am SO ready for Spring and the leaves coming out….. I am antsy to start eco printing again!

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