now coloured wool yarn

After much winding from 200gr balls to 50 gr hanks I slipped the hanks into stocking socks to mordant in alum that I had leftover from mordanting the wool blanket (for the coat ) I have four different yarns a 10 ply hand wash 8 ply machine wash 8ply 80%wool 20% bamboo and 5 ply hand wash. The machine wash yarn has not taken up colour as well as the others , but I am very excited over the results so far. Fennel not a lot of colour Coreopsis stunning and lastly some of my local lichen.

fennel tops


fennel colour


coreopsis flower


coreopsis on 5 ply 8ply bamboo mix and 10 ply


lichen 8 ply machine wash and 10ply hand wash














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