Bundling with Cotton

I have tried a couple of times to get leaf  prints in cotton, the only success so far has been Autumn leaves (they are rich in Tannin) The little cotton smocks had been dye before and have back ground colour, I have mordant them with tanic acid (chestnut) and then in alum and cream of tartar. One bundle has an iron rod and the other wooden dowel, both have Eucalyptus leaves and one has onion skins too.


The results have made me love wool even more, any ideas anyone?


3 thoughts on “Bundling with Cotton

  1. I went to a workshop recently, and we painted leaves with an egg and soy milk wash before bundling in cotton. They printed beautifully! Wool and silk have protein in them, but cotton does not, so the egg gives you the protein you need to make imprints when you want to use cotton. To see my blog posts about the different things we did, including the egg wash, here’s the link – enjoy!


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