bundling at the beach



Ahh a week at the beach what wonders for the soul ….lucky there is room for a girls toys too. Coming off a weekend of new found techniques I was keen to keep going, India talked of some of our (QLD ) weeds like Cobbler Pegs and Lantana was  keen to try them out, and I was able to snavel  some Cinerea leaves from Nadine in Melbourne . The  list of Eucalyptus that I wish to try and grow here is getting bigger .

This is the first pot and I used salt water

Eucalyptus  Cinerea

Silk scrunch bundle with bracken and onion skins

A piece of wool blanket that was started in Melbourne with stitching and drops of iron (liquid)



A new found skill string making ( it is quite addictive ) thanks India.

These two scarves were bundled with found leaves and boiled up in Lantana ( one on an iron rod the other a wooden dowel)

And lastly a quick fun way to check out colour in a jar.. these pieces are cobblers pegs leaves wrapped and packed into and and around silk and muslin topped with boiling water sealed and left for a week.



8 thoughts on “bundling at the beach

  1. I wanted to take this workshop with India in Melbourne! It was just too expensive for me to get there… I just learned how to make string too. Please let me know if you will teach these techniques in a workshop.

    • Hi Cindy I will be teaching workshops next year hopefully at a gig in the scenic rim called “arts in the olives” May 2013 and open studio at wallaby ridge retreat June 2013. A bit of a wait but will put you on my list if I do any earlier
      Thanks Wendi

  2. Ooo… I want one of those fire things! That would stop my pots falling over in the fire.

    Do you think the seawater made a difference?

    Lovely prints on the wool blanket.

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