Bundles of Wattle

I had a branch break from wet blossom on a lovely wattle, I took the opportunity to boil it up for colour.

I stripped the leaves off as much as possible,  kept some softer tops for bundling.

In to the trusty pot and boiled for a couple of hours. I had pre mordant-ed two cotton tops in alum and cream of tarter.

The colour is a limey yellow and I bundled both of the tops one with Japanese maple and the other with the Wattle and Purple carrot.

The little bundles are awaiting for my impatient fingers to unravel them … be patient Wendi !

They will be ready for Zest Fest


One thought on “Bundles of Wattle

  1. Hi Wendi, glad the Open Studio was such a success for you. Sorry I couldn’t make it…I was at the one held at Binna Burra both days-it was great fun too!

    Your work is amazing!
    Sa xo

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