Purple Carrot

Our kids were at our neighbours the other morning and Jasper came home with a Purple Carrot from Nik and Cal, they thought I might like to try it out as a dye  ….. only one carrot  did not seem like much and we all had a bite to make sure it was a carrot ! I grated the carrot and  found some silk scraps, paj and tissue silk and through in a piece of wool roving as well.

Am so glad I did…. the pictures are testament to the Purple Carrot

After being boiled up

( I think it is a F1 hybrid so you won’t find the Seeds at Eden Seeds but we did find some seedlings at one of those big stores )





4 thoughts on “Purple Carrot

  1. They were on special at the big shop too Wen! $1 a bag!…people musnt like purple carrots!But that colour that you got is amaaaazing. Good one girl. You got your teeth into that Colour book yet?

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