Quince Count

The count is in and there was 7kg of Quinces came off the broken branch! I made a pot of Davidson Plum Jam ( had about 750 grams of plums ). The Bananas are ripening and delicious great colour, different to shop bought .ImageImage


We welcomed 4 new girls( Araucana) to our chook house they are settling in. We are hopping they will start to lay before Winter and the exciting thing is that they lay blue eggs ! I’m guessing that we will have one with blue eggs and three with maybe green ? My theory is their leg colour will determine the egg colour ..





2 thoughts on “Quince Count

  1. Wow, quinces look great, let me know how you go with that recipe you were trying for paste.

    Saw your red cardinal at the centre yesterday Wendi, gorgeous! The exhibitiion is a credit to all the studio participants!

    Good luck with the new girls, they look so delicate, blue legs, blue eggs. Dr Suess prefers green eggs with his ham ;)

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