Nuno Felt on Silk and Cotton

I have been busy felting my little heart out. I had a special order (which has been dispatched ) but wanted to  share with you.The use of re purposing an op shop scarf into the scarf. I am really happy with the result and it has given me some new ideas.











I have almost finished the piece that will go in the opening exhibition for the Open Studios ( Scenic Rim Council) It was to be a shawl/ stole but has shrunk too much…. so now it is a table runner / wall hanging, I want to finish it with some stitching and beading.

And lastly I have found a lovely soft green muslin cotton shawl that I have lightly embellished  with wool and a little silk, a great look for a summer evening.


6 thoughts on “Nuno Felt on Silk and Cotton

  1. I love the vibrant red runner and can imagine what stunning wear it’d have made as a stole. Is it possible to stitch additional pieces to both ends like a kimono style? Just a thought. Congratulation and wish you many success in the opening exhibition for the Open Studios.

  2. Both the scarf and wall hanging look GREAT (haven’t I got a clever sister…unfair that you got all the clever artistic genes …..maybe I can boast I got the funny genes :)..but does my bum look big in these genes ?)

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