Winton and beyond

After a great couple of days in Birdsville we start to travel north and then east to Winton, but alas Peter had detected some mechanical problems and we went two days in 30c+  with no air conditioning !!!!

He was aware that it would ground us and it did, just outside a national park not far out of Winton on Thursday afternoon . RACQ to the rescue back to town.

We needed parts to fix the beast ( luckily the Trulson Family are in the mechanical game) so before we knew it the part we needed was on the bus to Winton from Bundy to arrive on Sunday lunch by Greyhound coach!

Winton has 300 population … mmmm for 4 days   but we were in luck as the bi annual outback festival was on so we had heaps of entertainment and were camped half a block from town in the local mechanic / RACQ depots yard … not the most glamorous of camps but we were in walking distance of all that was on over the weekend .


                  The Tow into Town


Local Entertainment


I had a chance to play with some silk scarves and rusty car parts …ended up putting a couple of springs into my kitty sure they wont be missed

We are in Longreach now will head further south east tomorrow hopefully to a bush camp , so I can boil up some more gum leaves.




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