Made it to Birdsvlle

We have had very little internet connection…. bummer

The trip so far has taken us from the caravan park at Charleville on along days trip to Quilpie the opal town on the Bulloo River. Great little town with real out back charm , we found a bush camp on the out skirts of town called Lake Houdraman , lots of bird life Emus , couple of Brolga’s and the other water birds too many to mention . Jasper and Ula had a great time sitting under the River Gums with the binoculars’ and Bird Book.

We stayed for two nights, giving me enough time to play with some silk and leaves. We found a nice piece of corrugated iron (lucky for me Peter does not think I am totally crazy!! I lay the silk over it after it had been boiled in River Gum leaves.

Both Ula and I have been spoiled with a piece of opal jewellery and Jasper ‘Old Eagle’ eyes found his own small piece while fossicing !!!

Today 16th September we set off for Welford National Park near Windorah Have scene our first sand dunes and had a very refreshing swim in a little oasis (probably a billabong) on the way into the national park. I am sitting on the banks of the Barcoo River typing this up Its 6 o’clock and a flock of pelicans has just flown over .!!! I must off to the kitchen to feed the hungry mob.

Next stop Birdsville and gee that Beer is going to taste good….will send more info tomorrow we are out to dinner for a mummy treat……




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