Day Two Charleville

We survived our first night, bloody cold though and expecting another of the same tonight .

We are slumming it at a caravan park , after a long day on bumpy carcass (roo’s) strewn roads with heaps of road works too.

We have booked into the Cosmos Centre and Observatory tonight for a look at the night sky.

First Camp Chinchilla Weir




Not sure what tomorrow brings maybe Thargominda or Welford national park

Have been blessed with plenty of mobile internet connection So Far…..



                                                                     On the road again


The Weir


                                                                   Amazing Clouds


6 thoughts on “Day Two Charleville

  1. Hello down under, Wend, when you said you where climbing a range I thought may-be you where climbing it or biking, ha ha see you have a car, have a great holiday, see you when its warmer, lovexxx

  2. Hi Pete and Wen, Looks great out there. looking forward to following your progress. Will pass on to Bill. HAve fun Luv Les xo

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