Pomegranate Pink and More

Wow ….. how the time fly’s bye looking at the dates and its July already . Since my last short post we  Sal , Mark and I held our Zest Fest at the local school hall .








A great day for all…. lots of networking, great food and music . We have just had a meeting to start the plan for next years…I had a very successful stall that day sold lots and inspired a few to learn to felt .













I discovered Pomegranate Pink in the process of dyeing some scarves  for my market stall . Fab colour and a friend invited me to try Virburnum berries and while collecting them noticed some berries on a dianella grass

( Thanks Sara ) the colour is superb





One thought on “Pomegranate Pink and More

  1. Wow, Wen, love the pomegranate pink! Reminds me of fairy floss, merry-go-rides and children’s laughter. Glad the berries are a success…will let you know when we have more dianella. xo

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