more photos as promised

I have not done much  in the way of felting or dyeing for a couple of weeks. (except for Easter eggs for Ula’s Easter bonnet parade )

I picked up a great orange / peachy coloured muslin wrap from an op shop that is crying out for a face lift .

But in the mean time here are a few shots of what  have been doing ………

Silk scarves dyed using such things as Coreopsis flower, Montbrecia flower , iron nails, steel wool, tallow wood bark and red onion skin.

I have also been playing with acid dye on silk and wool roving , had some pastel clours that didn’t work for me any more like baby pink and yellow . So a spoon or 2 of powder colour add  boiling water and into my $ 10 microwave oven ( thanks to Jacinta from spiraldyed  for the shared info)

left acid dyed roving  then felted into a seaweed  scarf with white silk embellishment .

below  is nuno felted silk


The scarves being acid dyed  the one on the left the roving I dyed as well.





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