Silk with Red Onion Skins


A friend Robyn gave me some Tallow Wood bark to try. I soaked it for a week or so then boiled it up in a trusty old Aluminum stockpot (thanks Robyn ) I then lay out red onion skins on the scarf  (soaked in vinegar first) and rolled it up in a nice little bundle  and boiled it up in the tallow wood juice.  I did a couple of different bundles in that pot, filled with different things ….leaves or nails work well, next you have to leave them to impart their impressions on the silk . ( that is the hard bit I always want to open them up too soon ) Patience is not my middle name !



I have quit a few done in readiness for my stall at Art in the Olives on Mothers Day, some are the ones on the  header of my blog . I will also have plenty of nuno scarves of solid felt as well, I have learned to roll with my feet as my shoulder is not ready for such pressure .

I will post some more photos soon…




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