sunday stroll

I am making a concerted effort to up my exercise regime, so a walk in the bush is always good. We live in the hills so there is always down hill then back up the other side. Having shed some extra middle age kilos over the last year, with some simple dietary changes that are a bit “Paleo” ( though I am not completely grain free ) so now it’s time to work on my cardio. I have come across a book written by Dr Cris Beer “Healthy Habits 52 ways to better health” that is a week by week plan to better all round health mental and physical. A walk in the bush always gives me a chance of collecting some interesting windfall, thus a bouquet of eucalyptus is a bonus for my effort.


apparently it’s five years with wordpress

I needed to refresh my name as I have come out of my “wendi of the treasure” shell, it has been five years today with wordpress and this is the day I sat down to make changes to my site … how fortuitous !

My artistic / textile journey still unfolds ………. but life balance seems harder and harder to achieve. I will endeavour to keep up with this blog as I do know how important it is as a sharing format.


playing with hexies


Cas Holmes workshop in Traralgon

Now on day three …… and 3 days is my limit my head is in a spin so much to take in. This Cas Holmes workshop has probably been the most challenging workshop that I have attended, not physically but mentally probing all parts of me.

my new jacket

A dear friend gifted this probably almost vintage Trent Nathan wool jacket, and boy what a challenge ! I had this gem in my  wardrobe for some time and alas I will need it as I am off to Melbourne and then out to Traralgon for a 3 day workshop with Cas Holmes ( I’m very excited ) The bundle was hard work but worth the arm / hand strain



a wow leaf

I have discovered this tree at my kids school ( very embarrassing to them )  I have been trying to identify it …. it is an ironbark with petiolate leaf attachment and the leaf is lanceolate in shape. I have not spotted any buds or seed pods so that does make it a little harder. The leaf seems to have a dark spot or speckle to it ( which shows up in the print). The colour is divine almost blood red on some wool and lovely on silk too. Any Ideas my friends … not even sure it is endemic to our region, south east queensland.