others work from newcastle

Its a week since we started our workshop with Elizabeth…. and I am home now and back to the real world ! Luckily it’s School Holidays so at least there’s no lunches to prepare. Last night was my first chance to look at some stitching and book making from my samples. The photos are from others in the workshop and wow what a talented bunch.

paper play with Elizabeth

Oh what fun folding stitching stuffing with leaves and into the pot, loads of sharing with a very talent bunch of ladies and David ( Elizabeth’s husband) who tended the pot with great diligence. Shared  a lovely lunch each day by Anne from Timeless Textiles


off to newcastle to attend a workshop

I am off to Newcastle to play with Elizabeth Bunsen for three days ….. I have got most of the ingredients to play with as we are making …. Tea, Leaves and Sandwich Magic and i am very excited. I need to make a couple of thing before I go … the troops need lunches and instructions for cooking dinner!

a new book for my library

This little gem pop up in front of me via Facebook  with Weaving Poetry’s Emily Wilkinson and it is gorgeous .. the cover is cloth. I wish to take my Wednesday Play Day group down this little path with a collaboration for a piece of community art. So now I have the help via  Cas Holmes and Anne Kelly in a book that covers Resonant Textiles, Exhibitions and Community Collaborations.

white beech tree

This is the tree that Beechmont was named after ..  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gmelina_leichhardtii  They are rare and hard to germinate the lovely purple skin does not give colour … but the leaf is very shapely.  When we discovered a huge tree in the Numinbah Valley, I was very excited as it meant that I would get to try the leaf at long last and I will pass the seed onto a local guy who is a wiz at propagation.